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2024-07: Tibor Szendrei, Andrea Eross, Mustapha Mohammed, and Erkal Ersoy. Investigating the Effect of Green Finance Initiatives on Renewable Energy Penetration in Europe.

2024-06: Joseph Paul and John W. Sawkins. Leaving the Church. A note on the 1843 Disruption of the Church of Scotland.

2024-05: Eoin McLaughlin, Cristian Ducoing, and Nick Hanley. Challenges of Wealth-Based Sustainability Metrics: a Critical Appraisal.

2024-04: Eoin McLaughlin and Niall Whelehan. Rethinking the Geography of Distress in Nineteenth-Century Ireland: Excess Mortality and the Land War.

2024-03: Romi Bhakti Hartarto and Philippe LeMay-Boucher. Impacts of Conditionality on Consumption: Evidence from the Family Hope Program in Indonesia.

2024-02: David Copham. Finding new objectives, seeking new instruments.

2024-01: Megan Sullivan. Understanding and Predicting Monetary Policy Framework Choice.


2023-01: Rachel Forshaw, Natalya Kharadi, and Eoin McLaughlin. Cardiovascular Disease Mortality and Non-Particulate Air Pollution: Evidence from the 20th Century.